Designing packaging is more than just dressing a product. Good design informs, seduces, creates an experience and even saves the planet.

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Episode 16

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Virginia Gines | Passion for Structural Packaging Design

November 2nd 2020

Episode notes

How do packages speak through three dimensions? Virginia Gines is executive director of tridimage, responsible for the creative direction of structural and graphic design projects.

25 years ago she co-founded tridimage with Adriana Cortese and Hernán Braberman. Tridimage was the first agency in Latin America to merge structural and graphic packaging design.

In this episode we talk about the power of 3D design. She told me why packaging should offer a consumer experience and we reflected on how to make packaging a powerful tool for innovation.

Virginia is an industrial designer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she was an assistant professor of Industrial Design Morphology.

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