Conferences and Workshops that inspire marketing managers, entrepreneurs, converters and designers.

Program 1

Packaging Design Playlists

50 minutes + Q&A

Both songs and packaging tell stories and communicate emotions. Everyone loves stories, but we all like different stories. So, which stories do Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials, and GenZ want to listen to?

This conference presents the analogy of a design playlist to demonstrate how we can harness the power of packaging design to connect emotionally with each of the four generations.

We will analyze which packaging design strategies work best for each group.

In this talk, we will share a showcase of successful packaging design strategies through images, videos, and songs that will reveal how to reach the heart of your target audience.


    • What are the most important emotions for the Baby Boomers and Generation X?
    • How are Millennials and GenZ changing the packaging design codes?
    • How can we establish emotional relationships with consumers?

Program 2

Design Without Surname

50 minutes + Q&A

Brands that need to express their stories through packaging can harness the power of 3D Branding. Merging the three-dimensional and graphic attributes of packaging to the point of making them inseparable allows for an immediate emotional response in consumers.

Seizing 2D and 3D design resources enhances the storytelling capacity of the packaging and creates lasting ties with consumers.

This keynote includes a tour of design projects for global food, beverage, personal care, and household brands. Stories, anecdotes, methodology, and design process where brand identity is communicated through 3D Branding, fruit of the synergy of structural and graphic design.


    • Packaging storytelling as a strategy for brands to build lasting relationships with consumers.
    • How to challenge consumers through packaging designs that tell compelling stories?
    • A look behind the scenes at real case studies from different countries, with different cultures.

Program 3

Smart Packaging: When Packaging Gets Superpowers

50 minutes + Q&A

The shopping experience is moving to digital shops and social media. There is no longer a sharp divide between digital and analog life.

With less and less time, convenience is paramount in every facet of our lives, even when it comes to packaging.

Finding ways for packaging to provide the consumer with both a physical and digital experience can lead to highly beneficial opportunities for brands.

Suddenly, packaging becomes a canvas for telling stories or providing relevant information. It provides consumers with an immersive experience where they can interact with virtual content in the real world.


    • How can technology enable us to build value by solving common problems in the product value chain?
    • How can we enhance packaging communication through Augmented Reality?
    • A look behind the scenes at some of the most creative and disruptive Smart Packaging projects developed for brands around the world.

Program 4

The 4 Rules for Breaking the Rules of Packaging Design

30 minutes + Q&A

The world is changing rapidly and many brands are becoming disoriented, struggling to know how to respond. Packaging innovation is already a necessity in a world where everything is evolving: from where people shop to how consumers relate to brands.

Whether in beverages, food, personal care, or household products, the same rule applies: for innovation to have a real impact, the key is to align a deep understanding of consumer wants and needs with the technical-productive capabilities of the organization to achieve technically viable and commercially disruptive innovations.

Packaging is undoubtedly a powerful vector of innovation. It allows to generate an emotional connection with the consumer, to turn commodities into premium brands, to create new consumption opportunities, and, ultimately, to boost sales. The time has come for brands to decide between being victims or protagonists of change.


    • Innovation in packaging as a tool for brand differentiation
    • How can structural packaging design create new business opportunities?
    • What are the 4 rules of packaging innovation?

Program 5

Packaging Design for e-Commerce: Connecting With the Digital Generation

25 minutes + Q&A

When it comes to e-commerce, there is no shelf, no context, no size ratio to estimate content, no multi-sensory stimulus of packaging.

New opportunities open up when the packaging doesn’t have the same needs to stand out or to be protected. When we have more room for brand storytelling or sharing messages with the consumer.

E-commerce requires thinking about a more extended user experience, from conception, transport, unboxing, to final disposal.


    • How does e-commerce allow us to rethink packaging?
    • How to seduce consumers through unboxing?
    • When is it time to consider unique packaging for the e-Commerce channel?