Designing packaging is more than just dressing a product. Good design informs, seduces, creates an experience and even saves the planet.

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Episode 26

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Jasmin Druffner | A Reusable & Durable Packaging Loop

August 2nd, 2021

Episode notes

Jasmin Druffner is an Industrial Designer focused on circular systems and conscious materials, currently designer and developer for Loop.

Her focus is on durable packaging design, long-lasting and circular recycling materials.

In this episode, she tells me how durable and reusable packaging will revolutionize the consumer experience. She also details the steps we should take to move packaging away from the current linear system, curving it into a circular system.

Jasmin is passionate about creating solutions and connections between waste, design, and Biomimicry. Her personal work is centered on natural and biodegradable materials.

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